Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management, The (02M135)

411 Pearl Street, Manhattan, NY 10038, Manhattan
Phone: 212-225-0998
Email: info@uasem.org
Hours: 08:04am - 02:49pm
School Website: https://www.uasem.org
NYCDOE Website: https://www.myschools.nyc/en/schools/high-school/40257
Quality Snapshot: https://tools.nycenet.edu/snapshot/2022/02M135/HS/
Subway: 1, E to Park Place; 2, 3, A, C to Fulton St; 4, 5, 6, J, Z to Chambers St; N, Q to Canal St; R to City Hall
Bus: BM1, BM2, BM3, BM4, BxM18, M103, M15, M15-SBS, M22, M55, M9, QM11, QM25, QM7, QM8, SIM1, SIM10, SIM11, SIM15, SIM1C, SIM2, SIM3, SIM31, SIM32, SIM33C, SIM34, SIM35, SIM3C, SIM4, SIM4C, SIM4X, SIM5, SIM6, X27, X28, X37, X38
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Program Details
The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management (M28A)
Health Professions

The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management is a small high school in downtown Manhattan that prepares students for the college of their choice and career of their dreams through hands-on and work-based learning. Students select between two innovative career pathways in Emergency Medicine and Cyber Security. Students engage in paid internships, have preferential hiring with industry partners, receive free certification as EMTs or Security Analysts, and earn free, early college credit.

Ed. Opt. programs admit students across all academic levels. Students are grouped into Low, Middle, and High categories based on a composite of their academic data. One-third of offers are made to students in each category.
  • (Group 1) Priority to Manhattan students or residents
  • (Group 2) Then to New York City residents
Student & Admissions Statistics
School Year
Total Students Across All Grades
    Grade 12 Students
    Grade 11 Students
    Grade 10 Students
    Grade 9 Students
Graduation %
College %
The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management (M28A)
GE Applicants / Seats:
SWD Applicants / Seats:

40 / 90 (0.44)
8 / 25 (0.32)
Offers - Waitlist
About the School

The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management (UASEM) is an innovative early college and career technical education (CTE) high school nestled in the Lower East side of Manhattan that prepares students for careers in medicine, healthcare, emergency management and response. UASEM provides a unique opportunity for students to earn a high school diploma, up to 31 credits toward an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Paramedicine, a National Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification, and gain relevant work experience in the healthcare field. UASEM has developed strong partnerships with the New York City Department of Education’s Office of Student Pathways, the Borough of Manhattan Community College, as well as Northwell Health, who serve as our industry partner and provide our students with internships and meaningful work based learning experiences. UASEM is home to the only student-led CPR team in the country. The Hands to Heart CPR Team is composed of students who train community members in Hands Only CPR, a technique that has been shown to greatly improve the probability of surviving a cardiac event. Students work to train those in neighborhoods with the slowest ambulance response times. Students have trained almost 2,000 New Yorkers since its launch. By engaging in authentic learning experiences in our classrooms and in the field, students develop the confidence, knowledge, skills, and network required to pursue their dreams and the character to serve their communities. Our community is R.E.A.D.Y. to solve complex problems, with strategic problem solving, that lead to real solutions. We believe in a holistic approach to education, pairing our core values of being resilient, emphatic, achievement oriented, deliberate and your own ally, with a rigorous academic program.

Academic Highlights: FutureReadyNYC: Healthcare (EMT- Cohort 1 only), Advanced Placement Courses Available - We believe that every student should experience at least one Advanced Placement course over the course of his/her high school career at UASEM., Emergency Medical Care- This course is a training program to provide the students with the necessary basic skills and knowledge to deal with a broad spectrum of illness and injuries in the pre-hospital care phase of emergency medicine. Upon successful completion of the course, students will take the New York State Emergency Medical Technical Certification Examination. Once certified, and upon completion of certain fundamental core courses, the student will be eligible to take the advanced paramedic level courses of the program., Internships- students have the opportunity to receive internships with Northwell Health. 11th and 12th graders complete an up to 80-hour internship which will include tours, hands-on demonstrations, skills-based workshops, interactive career panels, and mentoring at Northwell Health. Students learn Stop the Bleed, CPR for kids and adults, shadow Nurses and other medical professionals, receive Heart Saver and AED Training, our hospitals, and go on EMS Rotations., Emergency Medicine Pathway: students who are interested in medicine and healthcare have the opportunity to earn a valuable workforce credential and free early college credits. Beginning their Sophomore year, students are dually enrolled as high school students at UASEM fulfilling high school graduation requirements while simultaneously earning up to 31 credits toward the Paramedic Applied Associates (A.A.S) Degree at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) at NO COST to families. Students will also have the opportunity to become a New York State Certified EMT., National Education Equity Lab- UASEM offers students the opportunity to take college courses and earn college credits from universities across the country. These courses are taught by UASEM staff and college professors in our classrooms. In these courses, students build the skills — and confidence — needed to apply to and thrive in college. Students have taken courses at Arizona State University, Stanford University, and Cornell University

Other Features: 10th Grade Seats Available, College Trips, FutureReadyNYC School, Internships Available, Online Grading System, Saturday Programs, Student Parent Orientation

School Features:

  • Offers 10th Grade Seats
  • School whose primary location is co-located with another school

AP Courses, Languages & Sports
AP Courses
Algebra II (Advanced Math), AP English Language and Composition, AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, AP United States History, Chemistry (Advanced Science), ELA (College Course [Credited]), Other (College Course [Credited]), Social Studies (College Course [Credited]), World Languages (Advanced World Languages)
Languages Offered
Boys PSAL Sports
Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Indoor Track, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling
Girls PSAL Sports
Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Flag Football, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball
Co-ed PSAL Sports
Other Sports
Cheerleading, Flag Football, Lacrosse, Soccer
Broadway Shows, American Heart Association, College Trips/Tours, Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA), Hands to Heart CPR Team, Student Government, National Honor Society, UA Basketball, Regents Tutoring, Office Hours, Lip Sync Battle, Multicultural Celebration Day, Field Day, Roller Skating Trips, Career Week, Senior Decision Day, City Meals on Wheels Community Service, Saturday Academy, Students v.s. Staff Basketball Game, AMC Movie Trips, Pi Your Favorite Staff Member Day, Stop & Shop Food Pantry, Black History Month Celebrations, Family Game Night, Thanksgiving Potluck
Survey Summary & Data (2022-23)
Student Responses - 88% responded
Academic Rigor 
Academic Engagement 
Bully Prevention 
Mental Support 
Post-School Support 
Teacher Responses - 84% responded
Academic Rigor 
School Satisfaction 
Student Behavior 
Student Support 
School Leadership 
Instructional Clarity 
Instructional Development 
Post-School Support 
Family Responses - 31% responded
Teacher Support 
School Community 
School Leadership 
Post-School Support 

Note: Yellow bars indicate city-wide averages for the associated category

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Academic Summary & Data (2022-23)
Academic Proficiency
4-Year Grad. %
Avg. CC Regents Score
Avg. Non-CC Regents Score
College Aptitude
CCPC Index
Avg. SAT Math Score
Avg. SAT Read/Write Score
2-Year College 12.90%
4-Year College 46.80%
Unknown 40.30%

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This data was gathered from the NYC DOE's yearly quality reports. More information can be found here: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/about-us/reports/school-quality

Information on NYS Regents exams can be found here: https://www.nysed.gov/state-assessment/high-school-regents-examinations

School Demographics (2022-23)
Student Population:
Male 36.70%
Female 63.30%
English Language Learners:
Students with IEPs:
Economic Need Index:
Student Ethnicity:
Asian 3.00%
Black 35.00%
Hispanic 56.00%
White 2.70%
Other 3.30%
Teacher Ethnicity:
Hispanic 44.00%
White 48.00%
Other 8.00%