Why does this website exist?

The NYC DOE publishes yearly data on all of its schools, which includes surveys and various statistics such as graduation rates, number of available seats, and number of applicants for those seats. Unfortunately, combing through Excel spreadsheets can be time-consuming and confusing. The goal of the New York City School Information Finding Tool (NYC-SIFT) is to make this process easier by organizing this data into an easily searchable database.

What type of data do you show?

Aside from basic school and program information, we include data from the NYC DOE Yearly Surveys and NYC DOE Yearly Quality Reports, which provide things like demographics, test scores, graduation rates, and opinions from students, teachers, and families. In order to make sense of this data, we aggregate and summarize them as best we can.

Where do you get your data?

All data is gathered from the official NYC DOE website and/or NYC Open Data. The bulk of the data used on this website can be found at the Admissions & Enrollment and School Surveys pages.

How accurate is your data?

There is always a chance that the data generated by the NYC DOE has errors. If you see any, please post on our subreddit.
Also, make sure to check the DOE's MySchools website and official websites of the schools you are researching.

What is the difference between Programs and Schools?

Many New York City High Schools have different programs that a student can apply to (similar to majors for colleges). If you're unfamiliar with NYC High Schools, it's best to start looking at schools first to get an idea of the environments and options out there. If you have a specific area of interest for your student (such as Music or Dance), it'll be quicker to look through the programs.

What data of mine do you keep?

None! All "saved" data is kept with you. When you add schools or programs to your favorites, or when you save your address to calculate commute times, all of this data is stored in a cookie that is only stored on your computer or mobile device. The downside of this is if you change devices (or even browsers) your favorites and address will need to be reentered.

I have a question or comment. How do I contact you?

Please use our subreddit to communicate with us and our users.