Aspirations Diploma Plus High School (17K646)

402 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11225, Brooklyn
Phone: 718-773-7765
Hours: 8:20am - 2:40pm
Principal: Sherma Fleming
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Subway: 3 to Sutter Av
Bus: B12, B14, B15, B17, B45, B46, B46-SBS, B47, B65, B7
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Aspirations Diploma Plus High School, a transfer high school located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, is designed to support students who need a small learning environment, have fallen behind in credits, have previously dropped out of school and have the desire to graduate. We are a student-centered learning environment where our staff demonstrates the heart and soul to ensure our students receive the socio-emotional, physical, mental, and academic supports to become positive life-long learners in society. Our goal as a school is not only to ensure our students earn their diploma but are equipped to take on the challenge of moving onto college, the military, and the workforce. We instill in our students the desire to dream beyond what their eyes can see around them. Our school motto D.R.E.A.M. (Driven to Reach Every Academic Milestone) embodies our mission for students to graduate with the necessary skills to become college and career ready. We believe every student is a dreamer who possesses hidden potentials and talents to carry them to the next level in their lives. We offer a substantial amount of after school programs, clubs and opportunities for our students to become successful.

Other Features: Community School, Extended Day Program, Internships Available, Student Parent Orientation

School Features:

  • Offers 10th Grade Seats
  • Transfer School, which serve students aged 16 to 21 who have fallen behind in credits or left school for an extended period of time
  • School whose primary location is co-located with another school

AP Courses, Languages & Sports
AP Courses
Algebra II (Advanced Math), AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Literature and Composition, Chemistry (Advanced Science)
Diploma Endorsements
Boys PSAL Sports
Other Sports
Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball
Partnerships/Collaborations with: Learn to Work Internship Program through Child Center of NY, NYPD Child Center of NY, Bedford Stuyvesant-Union Armory, Dyvine Essence Beauty Salon (Cosmetology Program)
Aspirations Diploma Plus High School(L80A)
Computer Science & Technology

Transfer high schools are designed to serve students who, based on their grade or age, are off-track to accumulate enough academic credits to meet high school graduation requirements. Only applicants ranked by the school will receive an offer.
  • (Group 1) Open to New York City residents - see eligibility
Student & Admissions Statistics
School Year
Total Students Across All Grades
    Grade 12 Students
    Grade 11 Students
    Grade 10 Students
    Grade 9 Students
Avg. Class Size
Complaints / Suspensions
<5 / 6
<5 / 0
Attendance %
Graduation %
College %
Total Applicants / Seats
Total Offers
15 / 40
15 / 40
Aspirations Diploma Plus High School (L80A)
GE Applicants / Seats:
SWD Applicants / Seats:

1 / 33 (0.03)
2 / 7 (0.29)
Survey Summary & Data (2022-23)
Student Responses - 19% responded
Academic Rigor 
Academic Engagement 
Bully Prevention 
Mental Support 
Post-School Support 
Teacher Responses - 56% responded
Academic Rigor 
School Satisfaction 
Student Behavior 
Student Support 
School Leadership 
Instructional Clarity 
Instructional Development 
Post-School Support 
Family Responses - 12% responded
Teacher Support 
School Community 
School Leadership 
Post-School Support 

Note: Yellow bars indicate city-wide averages for the associated category

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Academic Summary & Data (-1-)
Academic Proficiency
4-Year Grad. %
College Aptitude
Unknown 100.00%

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