Design Works (13K963)

424 Albee Square West, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Brooklyn
Phone: 919-225-5420
Hours: 08:30am - 03:20pm
Principal: Corinth Hunter
School Website:
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Subway: 2, 3 to Grand Army Plaza; B, Q to 7th Av; C to Clinton & Washington Avs; FS to Park Place
Bus: B25, B26, B41, B45, B48, B65, B67, B69
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At Design Works High School, our students apply design thinking to solve complex problems and build a more equitable world. They collaborate, critique, defend, and revise throughout design challenges, graduating ready to pursue their passions in college, creative careers, and as social justice leaders. Learning happens inside and outside of school through industry, community, and university partnerships, enabling students to access apprenticeships and college coursework. In our inclusive and responsive community, all students are known deeply and their voices are valued in making and re-making the school. Through strong personal relationships and applied practice, students are empowered to design the future they want to see. Design Works is a new, public NYCDOE high school developed in partnership with Pratt Institute & Bank Street. Our rigorous school program will prepare students to make an impact in both college and careers. The school welcomes students interested in art, technology, digital design & community advocacy. Design Works High School is also a FutureReadyNYC school offering the best of college and career exploration and preparation in technology, design, & urban planning, three of the fastest growing industries in our city. Students from all boroughs are welcome, with priority given to those who reside in Brooklyn. At Design Works, we believe deeply in learning through relationships. This means that students can expect: -Project based & collaborative learning -Interaction with professionals & practitioners -Mentorships, internships, apprenticeships -Experiential, hands-on learning -Relationship building & using your voice to impact your community

Academic Highlights: Mandatory 11th/12th grade college preparation course, AP Courses Available, Project based program: Emphasis on community advocacy through the lens of the design thinking process, Three pathways: Art Equity (drawing, digital design, branding), Tech Equity (software engineering & IT), Housing Equity (architecture & urban planning), FutureReadyNYC: Technology (Software Developer), Credited college classes through: AP courses, College Now, Pratt's DICE program, Pratt's SCPS pre-college program

Other Features: 10th Grade Seats Available, College Trips, Community School, Community Service Expected, FutureReadyNYC School, Internships Available, Online Grading System, Program(s) with 1 GE Applicant Per Seat

School Features:

  • Diversity in Admissions (DIA): Priority to applicants eligible for free or reduced price lunch for 57% of seats

AP Courses, Languages & Sports
Other Sports
Fitness Club, Martial Arts, Table Tennis, Yoga, Other options available upon student request.
Robotics, Coding, Media, Student Gov, Podcasting, Activism, Art, Sequential Art, & Book Club. Other options available upon student request.
Design Works High School(K92A)

Students are randomly selected
  • (Group 1) Priority to Brooklyn students or residents
  • (Group 2) Then to New York City Residents
DIA Admissions:
  • Applicants eligible for free or reduced price lunch will be considered first for 57% of seats.
  • For the remaining 43% of seats, all students will be considered.
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232 (37) / 81
Design Works High School (K92A)
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33 / 66 (0.50)
4 / 15 (0.27)
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