Millennium Brooklyn High School (15K684)

237 7 Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215, Brooklyn
Phone: 718-832-4333
Hours: 08:00am - 02:20pm
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Subway: F to 7th Av
Bus: B61, B63, B67, B69
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Millennium Brooklyn HS ASD Nest Program (L63Y)

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Millennium Brooklyn HS ASD Nest Program (L63Y)
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About the School

The mission of Millennium Brooklyn High School is to create an inclusive, diverse, rigorous learning environment rooted in a project-based curricula. We offer a wide range of courses and focus on the development of reading, writing, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills. By providing a strong academic foundation and rich extracurricular options, we aim to prepare graduates for a college of their choice and post-secondary success. In addition to a strong course sequence, our school partnerships provide students with additional opportunities for academic challenge. Partners are involved in curriculum development, the extended-day program, and parent support and outreach.

Other Features: Diversity in Admissions, Program(s) with 3+ GE Applicants Per Seat, Program(s) with 3+ SWD Applicants Per Seat

School Features:

  • Offers 10th Grade Seats
  • School whose primary location is co-located with another school
  • Diversity in Admissions (DIA): Priority to applicants eligible for free or reduced price lunch for 66% of seats

AP Courses, Languages & Sports
AP Courses
Algebra II (Advanced Math), AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP French Language and Culture, AP Psychology, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP United States History, Calculus (Advanced Math), Chemistry (Advanced Science), Physics (Advanced Science), World Languages (Advanced World Languages)
Languages Offered
French, Spanish
Diploma Endorsements
Math, Science
Boys PSAL Sports
Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Fencing, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball
Girls PSAL Sports
Basketball, Cross Country, Fencing, Flag Football, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball
Co-ed PSAL Sports
Other Sports
Varsity Baseball, Boys Varsity Basketball, Girls Varsity Basketball, Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Boys Varsity Fencing, Girls Varsity Fencing, Boys Outdoor Track, Girls Outdoor Track, Boys Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer, Varsity Softball, Co-Ed Stunt, Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming, Boys Varsity Table Tennis, Girls Varsity Table Tennis, Girls Varsity Volleyball
Broadcast Journalism, Computer Science, Culture and Travel Club, Drama Club, Model UN, Music Club, National Honors Society, Robotics, Asian Student Organization, Birding Club, Black Student Union, Book Club, Chess Club, Comic Creators, Dance Club, Debate Team, Environmental Awareness Club, Fiber Crafts Club, Game Club, Gender and Sexualities Alliance, Math Club, School Newspaper, Participatory Action Research, Photography, Social Justice Club, Step Club, The Writing Center, Yearbook, Yoga Club, Ultimate Frisbee
Survey Summary & Data (2022-23)
Student Responses - 76% responded
Academic Rigor 
Academic Engagement 
Bully Prevention 
Mental Support 
Post-School Support 
Teacher Responses - 94% responded
Academic Rigor 
School Satisfaction 
Student Behavior 
Student Support 
School Leadership 
Instructional Clarity 
Instructional Development 
Post-School Support 
Family Responses - 28% responded
Teacher Support 
School Community 
School Leadership 
Post-School Support 

Note: Yellow bars indicate city-wide averages for the associated category

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Academic Summary & Data (2022-23)
Academic Proficiency
4-Year Grad. %
Avg. CC Regents Score
Avg. Non-CC Regents Score
College Aptitude
CCPC Index
Avg. SAT Math Score
Avg. SAT Read/Write Score
2-Year College 3.70%
4-Year College 79.90%
Unknown 16.40%

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School Demographics (2022-23)
Student Population:
Male 40.50%
Female 59.50%
English Language Learners:
Students with IEPs:
Economic Need Index:
Student Ethnicity:
Asian 23.60%
Black 14.60%
Hispanic 18.50%
White 40.30%
Other 3.00%
Teacher Ethnicity:
Asian 7.60%
Black 10.60%
Hispanic 7.60%
White 65.20%
Other 9.00%