Facing History School, The (02M303)

525 West 50Th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019, Manhattan
Phone: 212-757-2680
Email: admissions@facinghistoryschool.org
Hours: 8:40am - 3:00pm
NYCDOE Website: https://www.myschools.nyc/en/schools/high-school/44798
Quality Snapshot: https://tools.nycenet.edu/snapshot/2022/02M303/HS/
Subway: C, E to 50th St
Bus: M104, M11, M12, M20, M31, M34A-SBS, M42, M50, M57
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Program Details
The Facing History School (M02R)
Humanities & Interdisciplinary

Our relevant, academically rigorous program and the supportive, caring structures we have in place make us an excellent learning community. With our lead partner, Facing History, we help prepare our students for the ethical and moral decisions of adulthood. As a member of the NYS Performance Standards Consortium, we are part of a waiver that allows our students to graduate with a Regents Diploma using performance-based assessment tasks in all core subjects and the ELA Regents.

Ed. Opt. programs admit students across all academic levels. Students are grouped into Low, Middle, and High categories based on a composite of their academic data. One-third of offers are made to students in each category.
  • (Group 1) Priority to Manhattan students or residents
  • (Group 2) Then to New York City residents
Student & Admissions Statistics
School Year
Total Students Across All Grades
    Grade 12 Students
    Grade 11 Students
    Grade 10 Students
    Grade 9 Students
Graduation %
College %
The Facing History School (M02R)
GE Applicants / Seats:
SWD Applicants / Seats:

26 / 84 (0.31)
7 / 23 (0.30)
Offers - Waitlist
About the School

Located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, The Facing History School is a 9th through 12th grade public high school that is home to over 300 students from across New York City. A short walk from the C/E/1 trains, our school is a member of the New York State Consortium. This allows our students to graduate with a NYS Regents diploma while only needing to sit for the English Regents. Being a part of the Consortium also allows our teachers to plan curriculum that is centered on project-based learning and performance-based tasks. Thanks to our 1-to-1 technology learning environment and new computer lab, our students are prepared for 21st century learning. Every year 95% of our graduating seniors attend a college or university. We ensure our 9th and 10th grade students are exposed to colleges and careers early on. This includes enrolling 9th graders in post-secondary planning programs, examining transcripts with each student, every semester to ensure on track graduation and credit accumulation as well as organizing and attending numerous college trips. Our 11th and 12th grade students enroll in SAT prep courses and an array of advanced coursework such as AP Statistics and AP Computer Science. Most notably, our seniors are all enrolled in our College 101 class taught by our college advisor who supports our young people through every step of the college application process, including financial aid support. Our young people also have a social, fun, and memorable high school experience. We offer a range of sports for our young people to participate in: volleyball, basketball, tennis, bowling, and soccer. Our after-school programs are popular and robust with offerings such as music production, student government, chess club, K-pop club, cooking club, Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), and barletics. We also plan engaging school events such as field days, a Thanksgiving potluck, Valentines Day candy grams, game days, movie days, a Black History Month showcase, spirit weeks, semester Award Ceremonies, talent shows, and community service days. Our young people are not a number. They are not names on a paper. They are people who we believe will become the active, thoughtful participants our democratic society needs now more than ever. Come join us or learn more about our amazing school community by visiting our website www.facinghistoryschool.org or our school’s Instagram page @thefacinghistoryschool.

Academic Highlights: Project-based learning, 1 to 1 technology & 21st century computer lab, AP Courses and other courses that award college credit through National Education Equity Lab, Standards-based grading, Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBATs), Advisory model called Community Circles

Other Features: 10th Grade Seats Available, College Trips, Community School, Community Service Expected, Health Center, Internships Available, Online Grading System, Orientation, Student Parent Orientation, Summer Internships, Summer Orientation

School Features:

  • Performance Assessment School, which base graduation requirements on the successful completion of performance assessments in major subject areas in lieu of one or more Regents exams
  • Offers 10th Grade Seats
  • School whose primary location is co-located with another school

AP Courses, Languages & Sports
AP Courses
Algebra II (Advanced Math), AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Statistics, Chemistry (Advanced Science), Econ/Gov (College Course [Credited]), ELA (College Course [Credited]), Social Studies (College Course [Credited]), World Languages (Advanced World Languages)
Boys PSAL Sports
Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball
Girls PSAL Sports
Basketball, Volleyball
Other Sports
Badminton, Dance, Fitness Club, Kickball, Running Club, Table Tennis, Yoga
After school clubs: music production, student government, chess club, Kpop club, cooking club, Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), barletics, & more! , Community events: field days, Thanksgiving potluck, Valentine’s Day candy grams, game days, movie days, spirit weeks, award ceremonies & more!, Field trips: Outward Bound rock climbing, Tenement Museum, Riverside Park ice skating, Museum of City of New York, & more!
Survey Summary & Data (2022-23)
Student Responses - 67% responded
Academic Rigor 
Academic Engagement 
Bully Prevention 
Mental Support 
Post-School Support 
Teacher Responses - 100% responded
Academic Rigor 
School Satisfaction 
Student Behavior 
Student Support 
School Leadership 
Instructional Clarity 
Instructional Development 
Post-School Support 
Family Responses - 24% responded
Teacher Support 
School Community 
School Leadership 
Post-School Support 

Note: Yellow bars indicate city-wide averages for the associated category

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More information about NYC DOE surveys can be found here: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/about-us/reports/school-quality/nyc-school-survey

Academic Summary & Data (2022-23)
Academic Proficiency
4-Year Grad. %
Avg. CC Regents Score
College Aptitude
CCPC Index
Avg. SAT Math Score
Avg. SAT Read/Write Score
2-Year College 13.20%
4-Year College 52.60%
Vocational Program 1.30%
Unknown 32.90%

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This data was gathered from the NYC DOE's yearly quality reports. More information can be found here: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/about-us/reports/school-quality

Information on NYS Regents exams can be found here: https://www.nysed.gov/state-assessment/high-school-regents-examinations

School Demographics (2022-23)
Student Population:
Male 51.50%
Female 48.50%
English Language Learners:
Students with IEPs:
Economic Need Index:
Student Ethnicity:
Asian 1.30%
Black 26.90%
Hispanic 68.00%
White 2.60%
Other 1.20%
Teacher Ethnicity:
Black 25.80%
Hispanic 22.60%
White 48.40%
Other 3.20%