High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College (HSMSE) (05M692)

240 Convent Ave, Manhattan, NY 10031, Manhattan
Phone: 212-281-6490
Email: info@hsmse.org
Hours: 08:00am - 03:20pm
School Website: https://hsmse.org
NYCDOE Website: https://www.myschools.nyc/en/schools/high-school/42910
Quality Snapshot: https://tools.nycenet.edu/snapshot/2022/05M692/HS/
Subway: 1 to 137th St-City College; B, C to 135th St
Bus: Bx19, Bx33, M10, M100, M101, M104, M11, M2, M3, M4, M5
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HSMSE @ CCNY provides a unique and unparalleled collaborative educational experience. The school's mission is to encourage students to develop the habits of inquiry, written and verbal expression, and critical thinking. Students are drawn from all five boroughs, making it one of the most ethnically diverse schools in New York City. The academically rigorous learning environment focuses on mathematics, science, and engineering, while emphasizing civic responsibility and the value of acquiring knowledge for its own intrinsic reward. The deep professional and personal experiences of the faculty enrich the learning community; many faculty members have earned doctorates and distinguished themselves in business, engineering, and other fields.

Academic Highlights: Math Concentration: two-year program in advanced mathematics; College credits available, CCNY College Now Program: eligible students can enroll in college-credit bearing classes on weekends and after-school, Mount Sinai Science Research Program: Advanced laboratory and research internships in cardiology, oncology, obstetrics, or the autopsy suite, Project Lead The Way Pre-Engineering: Design & Drafting, Digital Electronics, Principles of Engineering, Civil Engineering & Architecture

Other Features: 10th Grade Seats Available

School Features:

  • Specialized School
  • Offers 10th Grade Seats

AP Courses, Languages & Sports
AP Courses
Algebra II (Advanced Math), AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science A, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Environmental Science, AP German Language and Culture, AP Statistics, AP World History: Modern, Calculus (College Course [Credited]), Chemistry (Advanced Science), Econ/Gov (College Course [Credited]), Math (College Course [Credited]), Math (College Course [Uncredited]), Physics (Advanced Science), Physics (College Course [Credited]), World Languages (Advanced World Languages), World Languages (College Course [Credited])
Languages Offered
German, Spanish
Boys PSAL Sports
Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Volleyball
Girls PSAL Sports
Basketball, Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Softball
High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College (HSMSE)(M00S)

Admission to this specialized high school is based solely on the score obtained on the Specialized High Schools Admission Test (SHSAT). Students should speak to their school counselor in the Fall to register for the SHSAT.

Offers are made based on Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) score.
  • (Group 1) Open to New York City residents who take the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT)
Student & Admissions Statistics
School Year
Total Students Across All Grades
    Grade 12 Students
    Grade 11 Students
    Grade 10 Students
    Grade 9 Students
Graduation %
College %
High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College (HSMSE) (M00S)
Applicants / Seats:

19,661 / 140 (140.44)
Survey Summary & Data (2022-23)
Student Responses - 75% responded
Academic Rigor 
Academic Engagement 
Bully Prevention 
Mental Support 
Post-School Support 
Teacher Responses - 100% responded
Academic Rigor 
School Satisfaction 
Student Behavior 
Student Support 
School Leadership 
Instructional Clarity 
Instructional Development 
Post-School Support 
Family Responses - 31% responded
Teacher Support 
School Community 
School Leadership 
Post-School Support 

Note: Yellow bars indicate city-wide averages for the associated category

View Full NYC DOE Survey Results:

More information about NYC DOE surveys can be found here: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/about-us/reports/school-quality/nyc-school-survey

Academic Summary & Data (2022-23)
Academic Proficiency
4-Year Grad. %
Avg. CC Regents Score
Avg. Non-CC Regents Score
College Aptitude
CCPC Index
Avg. ACT English Score
Avg. ACT Math Score
Avg. ACT Reading Score
Avg. ACT Science Score
Avg. SAT Math Score
Avg. SAT Read/Write Score
2-Year College 1.00%
4-Year College 81.40%
Unknown 17.60%

View Full Academic Data:

This data was gathered from the NYC DOE's yearly quality reports. More information can be found here: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/about-us/reports/school-quality

Information on NYS Regents exams can be found here: https://www.nysed.gov/state-assessment/high-school-regents-examinations

School Demographics (2022-23)
Student Population:
Male 64.90%
Female 35.10%
English Language Learners:
Students with IEPs:
Economic Need Index:
Student Ethnicity:
Asian 29.50%
Black 9.40%
Hispanic 17.80%
White 34.60%
Other 8.70%
Teacher Ethnicity:
Asian 16.10%
White 58.10%
Other 25.80%