NYC-SIFT will find a New York City public high school for your child.

With over 400 schools and 700 programs, finding the right high school can be hard.
NYC-SIFT will make this process easier.

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NYC-SIFT was designed by a New York City father as a personal project to narrow down the list of schools for his own 8th grader. He released it to the public after hearing about other parents who were overwhelmed with the number of high schools in NYC (over 400) and who lacked the ability to assess which schools would be a fit for their child. Information on public high schools should not cost money or be difficult to find, so NYC-SIFT exists to achieve these objectives. All data is sourced from publicly-available data provided by the NYC DOE.

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Read through the guide to get an understanding of the basic process and various categories a student may be placed in by the NYC DOE.