2023-24 High School Application Survey


This is a crowdsourced effort to collect data about high school rankings, lottery numbers, and how they translate to high school offers every March. Since the NYC DOE does not provide this information, we are trying to gather some of this data and share it with the public. At the conclusion of this survey, results will be available for download through the "Applying to High School in NYC" Facebook group and used to fine-tune the NYC-SIFT prediction model for offers. No personal identifiable information will be released. At most, the first two characters of a lottery number will be visible in the download. Please direct any questions to:

We do not store any personal-identifiable information through any surveys. For details on what information we store, please click here.

This survey seeks to collect basic information such as lottery numbers, ELL status, seat group, Ed. Opt. category, and screened admissions group. This survey also seeks to collect what and how schools are ranked on applications.

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Note: If you filled out the earlier survey conducted in December and provided your full lottery number, Log in Here