2022-23 Class Size Data
Program TypeDepartmentSubject# Students# ClassesClass Size
Gen EdEnglishHS English 0925125.0
Gen EdEnglishHS English 1036218.0
Gen EdEnglishHS English 1144222.0
Gen EdEnglishHS English 1230130.0
Gen EdMathHS Algebra I21121.0
Gen EdMathHS Algebra II38219.0
Gen EdMathHS Geometry33216.5
Gen EdMathHS Math Other22122.0
Gen EdMathHS Statistics28128.0
Gen EdScienceHS Chemistry135622.5
Gen EdScienceHS Living Environment176919.6
Gen EdScienceHS Other Life Science54227.0
Gen EdSocial StudiesHS Global History70323.3
Gen EdSocial StudiesHS Government & Econ19119.0
Gen EdSocial StudiesHS US History47223.5
ICTEnglishHS English 0971323.7
ICTEnglishHS English 1079326.3
ICTEnglishHS English 1186328.7
ICTEnglishHS English 12116429.0
ICTMathHS Algebra I65321.7
ICTMathHS Algebra II86328.7
ICTMathHS Geometry76325.3
ICTMathHS Math Other54227.0
ICTMathHS Statistics48224.0
ICTScienceHS Chemistry83327.7
ICTScienceHS Living Environment102425.5
ICTScienceHS Other Science91330.3
ICTSocial StudiesHS Global History153625.5
ICTSocial StudiesHS Government & Econ119429.8
ICTSocial StudiesHS US History79326.3
SCEnglishHS English 09818.0
SCEnglishHS English 10818.0
SCEnglishHS English 11313.0
SCMathHS Algebra I818.0
SCMathHS Geometry11111.0
SCScienceHS Chemistry717.0
SCScienceHS Living Environment818.0
SCScienceHS Other Science313.0
SCSocial StudiesHS Global History1829.0

This data was gathered from the NYC DOE's class size reports: https://infohub.nyced.org/reports/government-reports/class-size-reports

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Students are placed into an ed opt category using an average of their final core course seventh-grade core course grades:

Official DOE explanation


Students fall into a screened admissions groups based on the average of their final seventh-grade core course grades. This average must fall into the top percentage of students citywide or at a student’s school in order to fall within a certain admissions group.

Official DOE explanation


SHSAT required.

Official DOE explanation


Offers are made to students in order by their priority groups and randomly assigned numbers, through the process of random selection.


This year, the sole selection criteria for admission to all audition programs (except those at LaGuardia High School) is the audition itself. LaGuardia High School has its own admissions process and will continue to use students' academic records as well as their auditions to make offers to its programs.

Official DOE explanation


The Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Nest and ASD Horizon programs are specialized programs that serve some students with autism. They are available in some District 1-32 schools. The program is a partnership between the DOE and New York University\’s (NYU) ASD Nest Support Project.

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District 75 Programs

District 75 (D75) provides highly specialized instructional support for students with significant challenges, such as:

Official DOE explanation


Students who live in the school's zone have a guarantee or priority to attend.


For Students Who Are Behind on Credits. Schools use a student's date of birth to verify eligibility and make offers. Make sure that you meet the program's age and academic requirements.

Screened: Language & Academics